In 1988 an idea was conceived to combine fresh, high quality food with on-site microbrewed beer in a casual dining atmosphere.

After months of planning and research, a new restaurant was constructed at the end of a shopping plaza on US 19 in Clearwater, Florida. The restaurant was named Hops Grill and Bar and featured a diverse selection of menu items to appeal to a range of classic American tastes. To complement the food, brand new copper and steel kettles were installed to brew four signature beers developed by a third generation Brewmaster. The concept became an immediate success. Within three years, two more locations had opened up on both sides of the Tampa Bay. By the mid 1990’s, there were thirteen Hops Grill and Bars operating within the state of Florida.

Today, after several changes in ownership, Hop’s is focused on keeping the brand relevant with its flagship restaurant located on Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, Virginia. In order to make the brand viable for future growth, we have removed the microbrewery from the location and have switched the focus to serving a hand-picked selection of popular craft beers. Many of these selections are from the D.C. area, including two of our own recipes that we have brewed especially for us.

What hasn’t changed over the years is Hops’ commitment to serving only fresh, high quality ingredients and hand crafted beer in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The commitment to high quality extends beyond the kitchen at Hops Restaurant, Bar & Brewery. The style of service in the dining rooms, bar and lobby is based on a team format. Hops servers work together to attend to all of the guests and deliver service that goes above and beyond what is expected at casual dining restaurants.